Children’s Vision Care

“Through the Eyes of a Child” things are more clear and obvious – provided that those eyes have been nurtured and cared for properly.


Did you know your child’s vision is a learned behavior?  Many people make the mistake of thinking that children will develop proper vision automatically, like walking or talking, but we all know that not everything develops as expected.  Birthday BoyFrom birth to kindergarten there is a critical period where your child is learning to see.  By practicing certain habits at a very early stage, a child develops complicated vision skills and habits that will either improve or limit their chances of seeing well as adults.  It becomes increasingly difficult to improve vision that has not developed completely after that critical early stage has passed.  Frequent eye health and vision exams protect growing children from delayed or faulty vision development – problems that can hinder them in many ways for the rest of their lives.

Throughout grade school, children are required to use their vision more and more as their education advances.  Children mainly learn through the use of their eyes.  Reading books, writing papers, seeing the blackboard and watching presentations are all tasks that place high demands on a child’s visual abilities.  The child that has better visual skills will advance more quickly in class.  Good visual skills are also important for activities like sports and hobbies that your child hopes to enjoy to the fullest.

Let Adamstown Eye Care focus on your child’s eye and vision health at an early age.  We recommend infant exams beginning in the first year of life and check-ups annually throughout their childhood.  Our doctors are experienced in all types of children’s eye conditions and are able to coordinate care with surgeons, family doctors, vision therapists, school nurses and teachers.  If you suspect a problem, there is no reason to hesitate.  We have hours after school and on Saturdays to make your visit more convenient.  You’ll find our entire staff willing to help and we truly welcome your child’s visit.