Specialty Contact Lenses

AECMay2013_081-Sedited-slideshow 15-00-45With so many contact lens options available, it may seem confusing trying to figure out what’s possible and what really works for you.  These days, there are hundreds of products from dozens of manufacturers and they all have different features.  It can be equally confusing for an unqualified eye care professional to try and learn how each model performs and what can be expected from a particular contact lens.

Fortunately, Adamstown Eye Care has the knowledge and experience to care for contact lens wearers of all types.  Many of the lenses that other facilities consider to be specialty contacts are lenses that we work with every day.  We enjoy the fitting process and the challenge of even the most complicated cases.  Many other professionals turn away from this form of contact lens care.  They either feel that they can’t succeed or that it isn’t worth their time.  From time to time we meet patients that were simply told that they can’t wear contacts, when the truth was that they were never given the chance to try them.

Specialty Contact Lenses are not simply products that are unique or hard to find.  They are part of a total care approach where the doctor explores every available option to meet the unique needs of each particular patient.  Our method of care is completely opposite to the misguided habit of fitting patients with whatever lenses happen to be on hand.  Fortunately, we have thousands of contact lenses from many different manufacturers in stock at all times.  And when a special lens is needed, we either have it or we’ll go to great lengths to get it – to insure the most successful outcome.

Have you been thinking about a refreshing new way of seeing?  Ask us which contacts could be the best fit for you.  Learn about Choosing Contacts Wisely and check out all of our Contact Lens Types to see all your options!