Telemedicine – Request a Virtual Visit with Your Doctor

Help is available when you’re having trouble getting here. Current patients can now request a virtual visit with one of our doctors.

Virtual visits don’t replace regular eye exams, but they may be an option when normal visits aren’t possible. The best way to protect your eyes is still an in-person exam because most eye problems can only be seen with special instruments at the office. A virtual visit may be a timely option for a minor eye problem when the risk of vision loss is less likely. A follow-up at the office after your virtual visit is often advised.

To request a virtual visit, call us during normal hours. Your request will be reviewed by your doctor before it can be scheduled. If approved, we’ll schedule your virtual visit. You’ll be given a secure web link where you’ll check in for the appointment to communicate privately by video with your doctor. You’ll need a computer or device with the camera and microphone enabled. If you’re unfamiliar with this technology, please obtain your own assistant to help you connect before the appointment.

The fee for this service varies depending on time spent during your virtual visit plus the time your doctor needs to prepare for it. The visit may take from 10 to 20 minutes or more. Telemedicine service fees are regulated by the government and approved by many insurance plans. The fees are similar to normal office visits and you may request an estimate before scheduling. An additional fee applies to virtual visits scheduled after normal hours.

Call Us at 717-484-0934 during normal hours to request a virtual visit.