Urgent Eye Care

If you Need Immediate Help for an Eye Emergency, pick up your phone and CALL 911 NOW.


For eye conditions that have been present for hours or days that are not emergencies, Adamstown Eye Care provides an Urgent Eye Care service.  For your Urgent Eye Care needs, call our office at 717-484-0934 during normal hours.  A staff member is standing by to take your call.

The sooner you call, the sooner we can see you.  In most cases, we normally have a doctor available to see you the same day.  Try to avoid waiting until the end of the day to call.  If you wait until it’s late in the afternoon to see us and we determine that you’ll need to see a specialist, it may be difficult or impossible for us to help you obtain additional care in a timely manner.

If we can’t provide care when you need it, we’ll refer you to an eye doctor in the area on call, if possible.  If you are out of town and need urgent eye care, we recommend you find an eye doctor using the doctor locator service on the website of the American Optometric Association by clicking Here.

Don’t assume that you’re OK if your vision is alright.  Even if you can still see clearly, your vision may be threatened.  Call Us first and we can answer your questions.