Lens Prescriptions

Your lens prescription is as unique as you are! The idea that the best prescription for you can be calculated by a computer or stumbled upon by a staff trainee is a scary thought.

There is hard science to prescribing lenses, but there is also a human component that no automatic procedure can take into consideration. That personal aspect to the prescription is where the art of prescribing comes into play. It takes an experienced doctor of optometry to determine the lens prescription that will maximize your vision. A doctor of optometry studies the process of vision more thoroughly than any other eye professional, often spending years in the process. If someone else is checking your prescription, it is highly unlikely that they have taken the time it takes to completely learn how to prescribe. Here, our doctors personally spend the time with you to help you see your very best. There is no need to accept a compromise in your vision.

Your lens prescription is an important part of your general eye care. It is developed through a careful series of eye tests and exercises that are designed to establish the limits of your vision, both near and far, in between, and for whatever special purpose you must see your best.

Do you drive for a living?

Are you often involved in detailed craft projects?

Is much of your time spent on a computer?

Do you have to see the music and the music director, or maybe read blue prints?

Are you an avid hunter, golfer, cyclist or the soccer coach?

All of these examples demonstrate the various needs that may be required of your vision. Sometimes it makes sense to have more than one prescription to meet your needs. Even patients that don’t wear glasses still have a prescription, even if it isn’t required. Nobody has perfect eyes, but in all cases an honest effort should be made to make your vision as perfect as possible, for all the things you need and love to do.

Your exam may end without the need to have a given prescription filled. But if it does, our trained staff at Adamstown Eye Care will assist you in selecting the correct form of eye wear to give you the clearest, most comfortable vision. Feel free to browse our Fashion Eyeglasses and Specialty Contact Lenses to see how great seeing can be!